Community Advisory Board, 

CAB, a group of researchers and community members that work together to develop health solutions


Leaders bring their lived experience or formal training in opioid addiction to bridge the gap between research and practice. The leaders have deep understandings about the challenges and resources in their community, and are at the forefront of connecting research team with community members. The leaders also contribute to developing important research questions in health domain and lead implementation of research. 


Community members are active supporters of health research. The members share their community knowledge and experiences with academic researchers to achieve noticeable advancements in health research. The community members also contribute to hosting research in their local communities as well as contribute to developing collective knowledge and solutions to address prominent health issues in local communities. 


Appalachian counties eye leadership role in opioid fight

Addiction treatment specialists, social service providers, law enforcement personnel and county leaders come together to lead the way in solutions for the opioid crisis. 


Understanding America’s opioid crisis

Learn more about where the crisis began, how it has developed, testimonials of opioid addictions, and how we can fight it here.

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This group actively provides support for communities across the nation

Eighty-eight counties across the United States have joined the Community Advisory Board. 

The Grov/CAB Bylaws

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Grov/CAB Bylaws


Community Advisory Board meeting schedule

We schedule four CAB meetings for the year 2020-2021 and choose different discussion topics based on the CAB members' interests. 

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The Grov app development

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CAB Monthly Newsletters

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